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Beet Beet Beet- Organic Beet Juice Hardened Powder 50% Off, (Need to Make a Concentrate to Use) USA Grown Beets, No Additives or Flavors, Cold Temperature Processed for Maximum Potency

  • SAVE MONEY: These jars are 50% off regular price as they are hardened and require making a concentrate to use.

  • REQUIRES MAKING A CONCENTRATE: Just add water to the jar and place in fridge. Lightly shake and/or stir a few times and you will have an effective beet concentrates.

  • CONVENIENT TO USE: After making the concentrate, add to a glass bottle with a funnel and pour out and or spoon as desired. You can even make beet concentrate ice cubes.

  • EFFECTIVE: All the benefits of the powdered jars but require just a little bit of effort to save 50%

Our loss is your gain. We milled a batch of beet juice powder to fine and it is now powder clumped together and hardened. Fortunately, the beet juice powder is still nutritious and effective but in order to use you will need to make a concentrate out of it.

Here's make and store beet concentrate:

  1. Add water to the jar to cover the beet powder.

  2. Tighten the cap and lightly shake

  3. Place in the fridge for a few days and lightly shake twice daily.

  4. Remove the scoop and desiccant card.

  5. Leave the concentrate in the jar to spoon out, transfer it to a narrow mouth glass bottle so you can easily pour out and/or add some to ice cube trays and freeze for easy use      and less mess. The dosing will be approximately 2 teaspoons instead of the 1 normal teaspoon due to the water.

This is what the concentrate will look like.