What You Eat Really Does Matter

Posted by Dr. Rick Cohen on Aug 21st 2019

In four years of medical school we had only one class on nutrition and that came in the first semester of our first year. It was by far the lowest on the totem pole … read more

FUNDAMINOS Works Great.. And Now Tastes Great Too.

Posted by Dr. Rick Cohen on Aug 14th 2019

In my last post I shared how FUNDAMINOS™ essential amino acids by being four times more effective than dietary protein powerfully supports recovery, repair and en … read more

Got FUNDAMINOS. Four Reasons Why You Should

Posted by Dr. Rick Cohen on Aug 7th 2019

While our focus at PureClean Performance remains to educate people about the power of our unique beet formulas in supporting nitric oxide for energy, stamina and well-being, a recent email from a … read more

FUNDAMINOS vs Dietary Protein: And the Winner is?

Posted by Dr. Rick Cohen on Aug 1st 2019

Aging and stress—both mental and physical—can damage both the structural proteins and mitochondria the energy production centers of the human body. In order to repair and recover, the body needs th … read more

Bet You Didn't Know This About Amino Acids

Posted by Dr. Rick Cohen on Jul 25th 2019

Quiz.What organ or part of the body requires the greatest amounts of amino acids?The answer is at the bottom.Amino acids are the building blocks of our body. When protein is broken down by digest … read more