Take the Inside-Out Approach to Health

Posted by Dr. Rick on Feb 24th 2019

You’re probably familiar with the old saying, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”  And as it turns out, the most recent, scientific research has actually proven it true! You simply can’t lo … read more

Let's Burn Some Fat (and Improve Your Performance)

Posted by Dr. Rick on Feb 17th 2019

Becoming fat-adapted is one of the most powerful health and performance goals to strive for. When fat-adapted, your body's metabolic engine will work more like a fire burning logs instead of pape … read more

Myth-buster: Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?

Posted by Dr. Rick on Feb 10th 2019

What's the most important meal of the day?Breakfast, of course! Or is it?Most of us have been conditioned to believe that we should eat the first thing in the morning. But the truth is that for most p … read more

Two Pronged Approach To Performance And Recovery

Posted by Dr. Rick on Jan 27th 2019

Whether you’ve been active or have stepped back and “let life get in the way” of your fitness and workout routine, you can get back into it, if you’re committed.While there was a time when I wasn’t qu … read more

Why Do Dietary Nitrates Matter?

Posted by Dr. Rick on Jan 13th 2019

To fully understand why dietary nitrates matter, it’s best to step back and understand what they are: Nitrates are naturally-occurring, inorganic compounds found in our soil, water and air.Nitrates ar … read more