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FUNDAMINOS™  - Plant-Based Essential Amino Acid Powder
FUNDAMINOS™  - Plant-Based Essential Amino Acid Powder
FUNDAMINOS™  - Plant-Based Essential Amino Acid Powder
FUNDAMINOS™  - Plant-Based Essential Amino Acid Powder
FUNDAMINOS™  - Plant-Based Essential Amino Acid Powder
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FUNDAMINOS™ - Plant-Based Essential Amino Acid Powder

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Recover faster and stronger with our advanced superberry-enhanced amino acid powder.

Why are essential amino acids so important?

Stress, physical exertion, and age can damage the structural and functional proteins in the body, which are both made from amino acid building blocks. Eight of these amino acids are considered “essential” because they must be obtained from foods or supplements.

All eight essential amino acids are required for physical repair and restoration. The lack of just one essential amino acid can reduce your body’s ability to build and maintain muscle. An essential amino acid deficiency can also interfere with the production of hormones, digestive enzymes, and neurotransmitters.

FUNDAMINOS™️ offers a unique and proprietary blend of the eight essential amino acids the body needs to support and strengthen its muscular, skeletal, enzymatic and hormonal systems. Unlike other incomplete amino acid blends or protein powder supplements, FUNDAMINOS™️ has been clinically proven to be rapidly absorbed and fully utilized by the body. As a result, it fuels the body without generating metabolic waste.

Use FUNDAMINOS™️ 20 minutes prior to a meal; or before, during or after physical activity for better strength, energy, and recovery. Research has proven this product to be almost 100% utilized by the body and three times more effective than protein powders in providing your body with the foundational building blocks it needs for optimal cellular function, maintenance, and repair.

  • GREAT TASTING: the best supplements and perfect VEGAN amino acid powder, all-natural strawberry/lime flavor with no artificial ingredients. High-quality plant-based essential amino acid supplements for athletic performance for women and men.

  • SUPER CONVENIENT: Naturally flavored Essential Amino Acid powder. 5 grams of vegan amino powder or essential amino acid powder in each scoop. No pills to swallow athlete supplements that are perfect for CrossFit, strength training, weight training, circuit training, weight loss training and taken when you use your fitness tracker.

  • VEGAN AMINO ACID POWDER: 100% plant-based essential and nonessential amino acid powder. FUNDAMINOS™️ is the PERFECT addition to our PureClean Powder organic beet juice powder and BEET'UMS endurance chews. No athlete should compete without them!

  • 99% ABSORPTION: Amino core proprietary formula similar to MAP amino acid, contains 50% BCAA along with other critical essential amino acids. These bulk supplements are more potent than any plant protein powder, vegan protein powder, whey protein powder or map aminos.

  • EQUIVALENT to 40 GRAMS OF PROTEIN: Each scoop contains only 1 calorie. 

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