Rapidly improve your performance with these one of a kind, delicious, take anywhere, superfood chews.
Rapidly improve your performance with these one of a kind, delicious, take anywhere, superfood chews.

Rapidly improve your performance with these one of a kind, delicious, take anywhere, superfood chews.

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Beet-Infused Sports Performance Chews

Here are some of the amazing results our athletes are seeing:

As both a coach and athlete, I know how powerful making the right nutritional supplement choices can be. When I need to go long and stay strong, BEET’Ums provide me with the great-tasting and super-convenient boost of energy and endurance I’ve come to rely on.” - Charles Miron, Canadian Ultra-Distance Running Champion, Founder of Head Coach of Solo Sport Systems, Calgary
As a professional cyclist, planning and preparing for races drives every training and nutrition decision I make. It’s my job to push my body hard. My work is about becoming fitter, faster, and stronger. And wherever that work takes me, I take BEET’Ums along!” - Flavia Oliveira-Parks, Professional Cyclist, 2016 Olympian, 7th Place Women’s Road Race

  • DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE & POMEGRANATE FLAVOR– This convenient snack pack includes 30 individually packed chews that burst with a sweet chocolate flavor & the tart taste of pomegranate. Beet'Ums use a proprietary beet juice concentrate that has 4 times the nitric oxide-producing nutrients of ordinary beets. These tasty bites are made with a synergistic blend of concentrated beet juice powder, cocoa flavanoid, & pomegranate that support the optimal levels of nitric oxide you need to boost blood flow.

  • SOURCED FROM A PREMIUM VARIETY OF BEETS– Beet is a proven powerhouse of nutrients. This vegetable is rich in a variety of essential vitamins & minerals that make it an excellent addition to your daily food intake & diet. This performance-boosting snack is made from premium beets that are juiced, fermented, & dried in low temperatures for maximum potency.

  • SUPPORTS NITRIC OXIDE FOR IMPROVED ENDURANCE & STRENGTH– Nitric oxide is a crucial compound that you need in order for your cells to perform their functions effectively. It is a prized compound that will benefit everyone. From athletes, cyclists, hikers, gardeners to even your grandma giving them the endurance & strength to level up their everyday routines. For the maximum benefits, let this delicious treat dissolve or chew slowly for two minutes.

  • OPTIMIZES OVERALL HEALTH– This beet-based snack is a good source of antioxidants & naturally occurring nitrates, which help improve the vascular functions of your arteries for better overall cardiovascular health. The nitrate content of the concentrated beet juice in this chew helps boost stamina & endurance, balancing oxygen use for increased tolerance in high-intensity activities.

  • INDIVIDUALLY PACKED FOR CONVENIENCE– These workout snacks are individually wrapped to ensure their freshness. Take one or two packs with you to the gym, on a strenuous hike, on a long bike ride, or even to the office & replenish your energy & stamina with a midday snack.