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Super Sapiens CGM Exclusive Access (upgrades below)

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This is a very exclusive opportunity to experience the world's most advanced athletic performance, fueling, and metabolic health improvement tool. 

Due to a special physician offer, we can now provide you with access to the Super Sapiens app with the Libre Sport Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM). This is a very rare opportunity as this system is not even commercially available in the USA.   

Minute-by-minute glucose data is a game-changer! Use this system 24/7 to make better, more informed live decisions that will lead to lasting positive behavioral, health, and performance changes. No matter your goal, glucose control can help you achieve it!

How are just a few ways that Super Sapiens can improve your health and performance.
1. Determine your best pre, during and post training and race fueling for optimal endurance, power and recovery. 

2. Determine your best balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates for performance, reaching body weight goals and for optimal metabolic health and aging.

3. Literally see how stress, lack of sleep, alcohol consumption and physical activity can improve or worsen your overall health and well-being.

Read more about why coaches, athletes, and doctors are so excited about the Super Sapiens CGM


1. There is a minimum order of two CGMs. Each order includes unlimited access to the Super Sapiens app both on Android and iPhone.

2. Each sensor, once applied, can not be reused and will last two weeks.

3. You can choose to wear the sensors at anytime within the sensor's six month expiration period. 


A. Rechargeable, Waterproof Energy Band

For endurance athletes and those who want to go phone free, we recommend that you also order the Super Sapiens Rechargeable, Waterproof Energy Band for convenient access to your data on your wrist anytime and anywhere, even swimming!

Cost: $175 for unlimited lifetime use.

B. 30 Minute Coaching Call. For optimizing your time with the CGMs.

While there is much information and guidance available on the Super Sapiens app and website, our Health Coach, Jackie, can offer you individualized guidance to supercharge your benefits from the use of the Super Sapiens system. 

Cost: $65


Please contact Dr. Cohen at


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