What Are FundAminos™️?

Posted by PureClean Performance on Aug 1st 2018

FundAminos™️ research has proven, used twenty-minutes prior to a meal, during or after physical activity, aid in recovery. FundAminos™️ are almost 100% utilized and absorbed by the body than are protein powders. FundAminos™️, more than typical protein powders, provide your body with the foundational building blocks it needs to maintain, repair and function.

What are the benefits of FundAminos™️ and essential amino acids?

Physical exertion, age and stress damage the structural and functional proteins in our bodies; these functional and structural proteins are both made from amino acid building blocks. Eight of the amino acids are considered “essential” because they are obtained from supplements or from the foods we eat. All eight of these essential amino acids are necessary for physical restoration and repair. If your body is lacking in one essential amino acid it will snowball and reduce your body’s ability to maintain muscle and build new muscle. Lack of essential amino acids can also interfere with your body’s neurotransmitters and digestive enzymes.

FundAminos™️ provide a proprietary and unique and proprietary blend of the eight essential amino acids your body needs in order to support and strengthen your hormonal, your muscles, skeletal and enzymatic systems.

Protein powder supplements provide an incomplete amino acid blend. FundAminos™️ is clinically proven to be fully utilized and rapidly absorbed by your body. FundAminos fuel the body without generating metabolic waste.

What are the other benefits of FundAminos™️?

  • GMO-free
  • Sweetened with organic fruit powder, monk fruit and a small amount of stevia
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No synthetic ingredients
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Free of gluten and lectins