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randy contoli

Still have not received it..

Hi Randy, we saw your order and that was delivered today. Sometimes if you order internationally it can take a bit longer. to receive. Have a great day!


Wish I could say that I’m feeling the benefits of this product but if I did, it would only be attributed to a placebo effect. So far, all I’ve experienced is the funky taste and having to swish and rinse thoroughly just to get the red residue off my mouth and tongue. It’s been a couple of weeks since starting. I’ll give it more time, but so far not impressed.

Have you tried testing the nitric oxide benefits with an NO strip? That is always a great way to check level. When starting we recommended daily use for 1 month. If you do not like the taste of beets you can try with some juice or even a coffee latte, protein smoothies, etc.

Warren Mullisen
A natural energy charge

Clean ingredients; you know what you are taking

Always, thank you very much for the review!

Matthew Rieder
Great pre workout

I take before every workout, clean energy boost -


Mark Mehrali
The best product on the market

The science proves beets are very good for you and boost athletic performance. This powder is easily mixed into my morning shake before my workout. I let the science go to work when I go to my workout. It has worked for years, I highly recommend this product.

Thank you, great to hear!