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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great quality excellent results

I have been buying PURECLEAN BEET for several years now and using it daily. The quality is excellent and the mix delivers on its promise.
Great to start off the day or pre work out.
I mix a scoop with a greens mixture in water, so I can get a lot of good stuff, but even taken alone there is no overpowering beet flavor as I have found with some other supplements.
Excellent product and customer for life.
The beet chews are excellent too!

Wow, so much appreciation for your review and trust in our brand. We are doing our very best everyday to bring you the best, most valuable, and cost effective healthy solutions you need for a better life, body and mind. Thanks again!

Eugene DePasquale
Clean Beet

Excellent taste and energy

Glad you are enjoying!


like the product so far. I can't tell you weather it's the beets or the placebo effect, but I'm happy with anything that gives me a boost through either mechanism.

Awesome, glad to hear you are feeling a difference.

High Powered Beets

I've tried cheaper brands of beet powder in the past, but the energy and performance benefits of Pure Clean are noticeable and well worth the money.

Thank you!


It's really smooth and rich. Really tastes beety but not like in a bad way. I am feeling more energized and able to go throughout the day on less sleep and when busy and not be as tired. Thanks really HQ product. Does what it says it does for sure.

Thank you for the review, means a lot!