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Saliva Hormone Testosterone

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What We Test and What It Tells You 

This profile assesses your levels of free testosterone. 

Free-Testosterone, the dominant testicular androgen, is the precursor to 5-dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The androgenic effect in various tissues is not exerted by testosterone but by the locally produced DHT

For a more complete assessment it, it is highly recommended that you also include the important male hormones estradiol, DHEA and cortisol in order to assess your T:E and T:C ratios.  The cost is only $25 each or 3 for $69.

Your Masculine Ratio: The Testosterone to Estradiol (T/E ratio) 

Your ratio of testosterone to estradiol (T/E ratio) is a critical factor influencing your male health and vitality.  So in addition to determining your baseline testosterone level, it is equally important to know your estradiol levels.  Both levels should be jointly and continually assessed.  As your testosterone level decreases and estradiol level increases, your T/E ratio will decline.  A high estradiol level can be a serious road block on your path toward optimal health—even if your testosterone level is high.

If you want to look, feel, and perform your very best, it is important to take action—restore and re-balance your hormonal system by achieving and maintaining a salivary testosterone to estradiol (T/E) ratio of greater than 40:1. 

Your Strength and Recovery Ratio: The Testosterone/Cortisol Ratio 

Your ratio of testosterone to cortisol and DHEA (T/C&D) is another critical aging and performance maker.  Whether you consider yourself a physical, mental, or sexual athlete, it will be difficult if not impossible to reach peak performance without a positive testosterone (anabolic) to cortisol (catabolic) ratio. 

Click here for a short two page summary on the importance of testosterone and male hormonal balance.

Or for an even more comprehensive assessment of your male hormonal health, consider one of our comprehensive serum panels to assess other key markers of hormonal health such as total testosterone, SHBG, FSH, LH and prolactin for deeply discounted pricing.

Signs of male hormonal imbalance and low T include.

*Poor recovery from activity
*Difficulty maintaining or loss of muscle mass and strength
*Difficulty losing body fat 
*Reduced libido
*Weak or irregular morning erections
*Loss of motivation 


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david smith
Hormone Health Check

I just provided a review because I was not happy with the time I had to wait for my results. I called the lab again last night and the first thing this morning I received a phone call. The gentleman that called told me that he had sent the lab results. After some discussion we realized that they had left out the L in my email address. I now have my results and I am pleased with their efforts.

Glad everything was straightened out. Let us know if we can be of further help.