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Training hard but not seeing the results you want? Overwhelmed by conflicting information? Tired of being disappointed by other products and systems?

PureClean Performance is YOUR answer. All our products were created with one goal in mind: Helping you live your best life! 


John Gray

"I really enjoy using BEET'UMS™ everyday. Not only are they effective but they taste great. They provide a solid base to my foundational performance nutrition."

Flavia Oliveira-Parks

“As a professional cyclist, planning and preparing for races drives every training and nutrition decision I make. It’s my job to push my body hard. My work is about becoming fitter, faster, and stronger. And wherever that work takes me, I take BEET’UMS™ along!”

Pure and Natural

The human body was designed to thrive on natural nutrients, not synthetic chemicals. That's why our products are made of 100% natural, non-GMO ingredients. We also strive to use whole foods to increases product purity and potency, ensuring your body gets exactly what it needs for optimum performance and health.

Proven and Potent

We believe in the importance of high-quality ingredients, and one of our favorites is beets. This super food offers the ultimate all-natural sports performance boost thanks to it's super power of nitric oxide support. Nitric oxide is the "miracle molecule" that improves your body's oxygen delivery system for your best training, racing, and recovery results.

Grounded in Science

Our products were formulated by Dr. Rick Cohen, M.D., to help athletes like you achieve your best results while also improving your overall health. Whether you're focused on strength and recovery, interested in more energy and stamina, or hoping to boost your immunity and longevity, PureClean Performance has the right product for you.

Recent Posts

If you aren't doing HIIT, you're missing out. Here’s why?

Well it took me a month to get started again with our blog posts thanks to a 2 week trip to Mexico (Mexico City is quite an interesting place rich in culture, great food and color) and 3 new projects that I am working on, I hope to share the first with you next week!

In this week’s post, I want to share information about the benefits and risks of High Intensity Training from two leaders in endurance coaching, Jason Moore from Elite HRV and Chris Carmichael from CTS Train Right. 

This Has Been the Best Year Ever. copy

I want to start my first blog post of the year sharing some very positive news. If you’re depressed by the state of the world, let me toss out an idea: In the long arc of human history, 2019 has been the best year ever.

This may not seem to be the case, especially for many of us in the US, with climate change worsening, political tension higher than ever, a medical system that is clearly broken, the social structure of our country deteriorating, wide disparity in income, drug problems and more but for humanity over all, life just keeps getting better.

Two Pronged Approach To Performance And Recovery

Whether you’ve been active or have stepped back and “let life get in the way” of your fitness and workout routine, you can get back into it, if you’re committed. While there was a time when I wasn’t quite as active as I wanted to be, I continued to follow PureClean Performance protocols. These protocols focus on optimizing your body’s nitric oxide and essential amino acid levels.