What Are FundAminos™️?

FundAminos, research has proven, used twenty-minutes prior to a meal, during or after physical activity, aid in recovery. FundAminos are almost 100% utilized and absorbed by the body than are protein powders. FundAminos, more than protein powders, provide your body with the foundational building blocks it needs to maintain, repair and function.

Why Do Dietary Nitrates Matter?

Dietary nitrates make your heart and muscles more efficient. If we consume adequate amounts of dietary nitrates, our body will convert them into a short-lived gas called nitric oxide.

One of nitric oxide’s primary roles is the regulation of the delivery of oxygen to our muscles. They way this works is that it relaxes and opens the blood vessels; this improves blood flow.

Two Pronged Approach To Performance And Recovery

Whether you’ve been active or have stepped back and “let life get in the way” of your fitness and workout routine, you can get back into it, if you’re committed.

While there was a time when I wasn’t quite as active as I wanted to be, I continued to follow PureClean Performance protocols. These protocols focus on optimizing your body’s nitric oxide and essential amino acid levels.