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Add-On Item - Saliva Hormone Bundle Upgrade Estradiol, DHEA, Cortisol (AM)

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Note: This is an Add-on upgrade to the base package which is Testosterone.

If you wish to get this upgrade you also have to purchase the Testosterone assessment. 

Click here for Testosterone Assessment


What We Test and What It Tells You 

This profile allows to obtain a greater picture of your male hormonal status with the additional measurement of estradiol, DHEA and cortisol so you can assess your T:E and T:C ratios. . 

Here are the hormones included. 

DHEA, the main adrenal androgens, are the precursors to both testosterone and estradiol, and are the limiting factor in their production, especially when the patient is under stress.

Estradiol, an estrogen with more proliferative properties. It is formed partially in the testes, but mostly by aromatase enzyme action in peripheral tissues from both testicular and adrenal androgens.

Cortisol is the predominant adrenal hormone necessary for providing resiliency to stress, immunity and blood sugar control. High or low cortisol can pay a big role in effecting both testosterone and thyroid function.  Cortisol levels have a natural circadian rhythm starting out high in morning to enable your body to prepare for the day and ending very low in the night as growth hormone and melatonin take over to prepare for sleep and recovery. 

Your Masculine Ratio: The Testosterone to Estradiol (T/E ratio) 

Your ratio of testosterone to estradiol (T/E ratio) is a critical factor influencing your male health and vitality.  So in addition to determining your baseline testosterone level, it is equally important to know your estradiol levels.  Both levels should be jointly and continually assessed.  As your testosterone level decreases and estradiol level increases, your T/E ratio will decline.  A high estradiol level can be a serious road block on your path toward optimal health—even if your testosterone level is high.

If you want to look, feel, and perform your very best, it is important to take action—restore and re-balance your hormonal system by achieving and maintaining a salivary testosterone to estradiol (T/E) ratio of greater than 40:1. 

Your Strength and Recovery Ratio: The Testosterone/Cortisol Ratio 

Your ratio of testosterone to cortisol and DHEA (T/C&D) is another critical aging and performance maker.  Whether you consider yourself a physical, mental, or sexual athlete, it will be difficult if not impossible to reach peak performance without a positive testosterone (anabolic) to cortisol (catabolic) ratio. 

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