"I have been using the BEET'UMS all week so far with my training and really have enjoyed them. They were easy to chew and the taste is excellent! Other than a bit of difficulty getting them out of the wrap I think they are perfect!! I will definitely be buying more in the future." - John Gray

"I recently completed IronMan Saint George in a personal best time. It was grueling but I actually felt good the whole race. I took one BEET’UMS 30 minutes before and then had one every 2 hours during the event. I looked forward to each one to keep the energy flowing." - Todd Houston

"I did the 50 mile run today, and I was powered by your beets.. Took a dose before, and twice during the run. 8 hours and 45 minutes. Felt great, especially the last 8-10 miles. No blisters, no cramps, broken knees, or anything like that." - Paul Verdeber

"Austin had some very good swims at Nationals, including two lifetime best times. He leaves the University of Virginia on the top-ten all-time best times lists for five individual events and three relays." - Neil Quin

"Cycling camp was great. I have increased my overall wattage by 10% over last year's performance. I ate the BEET'UMS religiously. One of the coaches that I rode with last year came up to me and said that he was impressed with how much stronger I am this year over last. High praise coming from a 25 year old pro cyclist. Our cycling team loves the BEET'UMS. They are gone before anything else in the SAG vehicle and on the ride you can hear team mates asking if anyone has a BEET'UMS." - Tim Cook

"I have been using the chews daily - I like them, and subjectively think they impact my exercise capacity much cleaner than the beet powder! I gave a couple bags to friends to try - similar positive feedback riding indoors these days - wet Seattle weather new record yesterday, on beet chews." - Graham Nicol M.D.


"Racing a bike or doing any endurance sport for that matter, does not allow for many chances to refocus during a given event, and many times this is what leads to the “cracking” or “bonking” of the athlete. A strong athlete not only trains their body, but also their mind. Being in control of your body during a race can be the difference between winning and losing, and it all comes down to your ability to focus on the task at hand without forgetting to do anything. Have you ever heard of how professional ice hockey goalies refocus during a game? During a stoppage in play, they will squirt their water bottle up in the air and then find one drop to focus on…following it all the way until it hits the ice. BEET'UMS have become my “water droplet,” my “ZEN” during a race. An easy and simple way for me to refocus and prepare for the next big mountain pass or the finish.



My routine consists of about 2-3 chews spaced out over the hard training rides that I might have… the further I can push myself in training, alone on a gloomy day in Michigan with BEET'UMS, only pays double in the races. BEET'UMS help your body deliver more oxygen to your muscles which allows you to push over what might have been your ‘limit’ yesterday. The compounding effect of this in training is unreal. When races come around, I look at the course map and pin point my “attack” points. These points are where I will take my chews. I bring a BEET'UM for every hour of a race… not usually using that many, but sometimes you need it mentally. I will open it and put it in my mouth about 10 minutes from my “attack” point. As you can imagine it gets hard to breathe if you push hard and try to hold something in your mouth…this why I make sure that I know where the hard points of the race are and proactively eat the chew. The goal is to keep it on your tongue for as long as possible and for me, during a race, this is usually about 7-8 minutes giving me the last two minutes to take a sip of water and get ready. During these 7-8 minutes my mind drifts away from the stresses of the race and onto the process of slowly melting this chew in my mouth. I can think about eating/drinking (things I might have neglected), and think about what’s coming on the course ahead, "do I need to be in better position?" BEET'UMS are my water droplet while moving, they give me the mental focus to perform at my highest ability day in and day out and something I consider essential when packing for a race.

- Alexey Vermeulen, Professional Cyclist