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Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Quinn
These actually work

These really work! I break them in half and dissolve them on each side of my mouth for about 20 mins prior to working out, etc. Youll just notice that you wont hit the wall as soon as usual.

What wall? There is no wall with BEETUMS!

Great taste and great burst of energy

Well the first day I took one I felt nothing the second day I took one on an empty stomach with glass of water and boy it gave me a burst of energy I got everything done in an hour which would normally take me 6 hours! And they taste great!

The benefits of nitric oxide are compounded the more you take it, max benefits usually appear after 30 days of use everyday. Thanks for the review.

Bruce H.
These actually improved my performance

I admit that I was skeptical when I ordered this skepticism was unfounded...they actually support stronger output and longer duration of physical activity...road biking to be more precise. I can ride longer and harder since Ive been using this product. Pricey yes, does it deliver value in your training yes. I will buy this product again.

To be candid, not really. You're actually getting a really good deal on the price considering everything we put in there and ingredient quality. Thanks for your review and continued support!

David L. McCarthy
Beet'ums work (so far)

I am new to using Beet'ums and have used them on the last 5-6 rides/training sessions. I have taken them between 30-45 minutes of riding as suggested. For a one hour training session that wasn't too challenging, 1 seemed adequate. Longer or harder sessions I took 2. On a 3 hour hard ride I took 2 to start and 1/hour thereafter. I don't know if that's what is intended or not? In any event, they seem to work. The breathing seems easier on the hard efforts (raising the VO2 max somewhat). Not a miracle by any stretch but a slight improvement... enough to stay with the faster riders and not get dropped.

Great to hear you experience benefits! Remember it takes 30 days of use everyday for maximum effect.

Jim Odell
Natural long-lasting energy that lives up to claims!

WOW! This works as well as FRS chews and is all natural. I had to partially pre-open several for a marathon as they are a pain to open during a run at stride. This gets them sticky in the pouch and on the hands though not really sure if there is another packaging option that will work, so we adapt when a product works, tastes good and is convenient to use.

Yes, that is great insight, thanks for sharing!