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laila moustafa

Members Only - FUNDAMINOS™ - Plant-Based Essential Amino Acid Powder

Thank you for the 5 stars!

L. C.
A great help for hard training athletes

I have used this product for several years, cycling on and off it depending upon where I am in my competitive season and training. I can definitely say that I have less soreness and can handle more intense training loads and race schedules when I am taking this regularly. Taste is much milder than most super-artificially-flavored amino acid powders, and it does not upset my stomach at all. It's not the cheapest out there, but you get what you pay for-- this works significantly better than the 13 other amino acid products I have used over the past 5 years. It is important to take it on an empty stomach, at least for me... but YMMV. I have been extremely happy with the products I've used from this company (I use the beet products daily, and the coffee product when I travel), and would recommend them without reservation. That said, I am a competitive athlete and train hard year-round, so not sure how they work for more "normal" folks.

Repeat customers are the lifeblood of our business, so thanks for your continued support. Yes, everyone (not just athletes) can experience the benefits of our formulas.

Casey K.
Taste takes some getting used to...otherwise excellent

I purchased this product so I could get amino acids for post workout recovery. Reviews were generally positive regarding taste, so I gave it a shot. I trust this company for their product quality, as I use Beet'ums and PureClean Powder (beets) already. When the bag arrived, I immediately opened it and smelled it - it smelled great - light and fruity. I decided to do a double shot - two scoops and dissolve in water. Mistake. It was bitter and bleah! I was regretting my purchase. I told myself I would pretend it was flat, really hoppy and bitter beer. The next day I used one scoop in a full, cold glass of water and made sure to stir until it was completely dissolved. MUCH better. It didn't even seem like the same product! Since then, I have gotten into a routine with it, most often immediately post-workout. I guzzle that glass down, get extra hydration and the amino acid benefits. I have adjusted to the flavor, and it didn't take that long. The bitterness does not linger. I will be through this bag pretty soon and I am definitely going to order more.

Great to hear! Did you know we recently launched our 8th gen formula? It's better tasting and more effective than ever before. We've also now sell an electric hand mixer for easy mixing in the kitchen. Enjoy!

Sandy Hancock
Best quality

I've been looking around for some time for Amino Acids that are clean and free of preservatives and additives and I'm so happy I found Fundaminos. Now I can feel good about what I'm putting into my body, and the taste is great!!

We feel the same way, thanks for the review!

Do It

I love to see companies riding the EAA wave and going the natural, no filler, no binders no artificial color and flavoring route. The price is great! Love the product, I felt the energy boost and helped curb my appetite. My only negative is the flavor. Not only is the flavor bland and kinda flat, as a customer/consumer I wouldnt mind a bit of organic stevia for a more enjoyable drink. Id like to drink this product through my workout, but as is I couldnt. Also, a cherry limade flavor would be amazing! ????

FUNDAMINOS was there way back when amino acid PILLS were the only option, it was a game changer at the time. Speaking of taste, have you tried the new 8th formula? We use tart cherry for not just flavor, but better absorption and sleep. Enjoy!