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Marc Mueller
High Powered Beets

I've tried cheaper brands of beet powder in the past, but the energy and performance benefits of Pure Clean are noticeable and well worth the money.

Agreed. :)

Sleeping Better!

I bought this for the boost of energy. Ironically, it makes me sleepy, which is good for me because I take it at night and I sleep a lot better at night. I've been having a problem with this. This tastes like "Milo" a malted milk drink.

Awesome, just another great benefit of our high nitric oxide beet juice: better sleep! Thanks for sharing.

if you don't use the recommended dose EveryDAY

if you don't use the recommended dose EveryDAY, it will turn hard. otherwise, as an athlete, I notice I recover much faster after a hard core cardio workout.

This shouldn't happen when stored in a cool, dry environment. If you live in a humid environment, it may help to keep it stored in the refrigerator for best consistency. Make sure to consume the powder everyday for 30 days for best results. We also experience the same, thanks for the review!

Responsibly grown & mfg

Ive been taking this beet powder in my super-power drink everyday for well over a year. And a huge bonus is that it tastes great! I had autoimmune disease-ease causing relentless, systemic inflammation. Though I have made many lifestyle changes, this superfood has been instrumental in my healing process. Beets boost brain, digestion, strength, and helps maintain healthy blood pressure. I love this company; they have helped me by making an extremely healthy supplement so convenient.

We are sorry to hear about the inflammation, but glad to hear PURECLEAN POWDER has been helping you for over a year. Thanks for the kind words, we strive to deliver nothing but the best for your success. Have a nice day!

Dale C. Heath
Great Way To Take Beet Juice

I am taking this product to assist with lowering my blood pressure. I have only been using is for a short period of time and it is too early to tell if it is working or not. I like the taste of it but I don't believe everyone will. The ready to drink beet juice is very expensive and the powder is a more affordable substitute. Be advised that when mixed with water the product becomes a dark red color that is also the same color when it comes out.

No ReplyNot only is beet juice more expensive, it's less effective. We use ArteriO2™ crystals are a product of: (1) nutrient-rich soil, (2) a rare, high 'nitrate saturated' beet variety, (3) freshly juiced beets, (4) the patented LightIon® nutrient extraction process, and (5) award-winning potency certification testing. Simply put? The best beet juice there is!