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Customer Reviews

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Casey K
Use it every day!

I am not a coffee drinker, but I wanted the health benefits from Unbeetabrew. Solution = daily smoothies with a scoop of Unbeetabrew (and Chocoberry Blast). I feel good and my N-O levels are "optimal." It tastes great in the smoothie and mixes easily. Before the formula change & taste improvement, I barely got through a bag in a year. After the formula change, I use it and like it every day. Thank you for a great product!

Glad to hear you are enjoying it! You are welcome! We also love it with a bit of oat milk and some chocolate stevia.

Casey K
This new formula is so good!

I had tried the original Unbeetabrew and yeech. Not a fan. Dr. Cohen encouraged me to try this improved version and what a difference! I add it daily to my morning smoothie, along with Chocoberry Blast. Yum. I get some caffeine to get a kick start on the working from home grind, but I never feel wired or nervous. I like that it has beets and mushrooms, but neither are apparent in the flavor. I never drink hot coffee, but this just might make me give it a try. Plus I feel good when I use this, and I still have energy by the time my training rolls around after work. I keep it in my fridge so it stays super fresh, but I use it up pretty fast since I use it daily.

This is exactly what we want to hear! All the benefits of the Brew are working for you. Awesome!

sarah wallick

Amazing product. I feel amazing throughout the day, versus regular coffee or tea.I will order this again. I did have some trouble with sealing the top of the bag which given the quality of the product does not matter much.

We are sorry you had troubles sealing the bag, I wonder why this was an issue as it is designed to seal like any other resealable bag. Perhaps there was something in the way of the seal? Glad you like this product, it's very unique!

Great product!

Increased ability to train for cycling event


Hot water and good to go
Carlos Garcia

Taste better on its own and not added to coffee.

Yeah, I image that tasting a bit strong. We like it best with frothed oat milk mix in 8oz of hot water.