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Membership Concierge Club Benefits

Unbiased Recommendations

Other than our own products, we are financially unbiased with regard to our partner offerings. You can rest assured that as a concierge club member, you are getting both our and our members honest opinion on products and services at some of the best pricing available.

30-50% Discounts on Most Products You Are Already Using

Stop giving money to Amazon As a club member you'll receive 33% off PureClean Peformance products, up to 40% on ANY nutritional supplement, up to 60% on ANY lab testing and 35% with a price match guarantee on organic and natural groceries.

Guidance and Support

Stop wondering what is best for you. With our platforms, targeted lab testing, our team of experts, live weekly calls and educational webinars we will help you become the best you!.

Community, and Education

You will have access to our community forum and live weekly calls with your exports where you can ask questions, get deeper understanding into certain topics and share health, training and product findings and ideas.

Referral Incentives

Not only are we offering you great deals below, when you share with a friend you'll get $50 cash back for each person who becomes a member.

Have Questions?

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Check Out All the Benefits Below

33% discount at PureClean Performance

PureClean Performance brand offers unique physician-formulated, athlete-tested performance and recovery products including PURECLEAN POWDER™ super-potent organic beet juice powder, the great tasting beet-infused BEET’UMS™ chocolate chews, CHOCOBERRY BLAST™ superfood blend, UNBEETABREW™ performance coffee and FUNDAMINOS™ naturally-enhanced, plant-based essential amino acid blend. Our trusted brand is one of the few select companies chosen to partner with CTS Train Right coaching network. We promise you that you will go faster, longer and stronger when regularly using PureClean Performance products.

15% discount at Bike Tires Direct and TriSports

SImply said, you'll get great deals on all your sports nutrition needs including your favorite bars, chews, gels, powders, recovery and performance supplements online with these respected Velotech brands.

30% to 40% discount at Wellevate and Fullscript> online professional formulary.

These concierge member only online stores offer professional brands and products that have gone through a stringent evaluation so you can be assured of their authenticity and efficacy. In addition, to access to many brands not normally available to the public directly, you will find prices even lower than what is available on And when you let us order for you , we can save up to 40% on orders from Wellevate and many other professional and premium brands.

Organic Online Market

Free membership ($60 value) at Thrive Online Market offering best price matching and discounts of 30% or more off regular retail prices.

Meet Thrive Market, your new healthy grocery store. A cross between Costco, Whole Foods and your local Independent Natural Grocer, Thrive offers both a large selection of healthy, organic natural foods to meet any diet (including gluten-free, keto, vegan, paleo and Whole30), personal care products, household goods as well as grass-fed meats and fish delivered to your door. Their both quality and value can’t be beat with everyday pricing (typically lower than Amazon and Vitacost) and frequent members-only discounts. And if that isn’t enough, they offer a price match guarantee! Say goodbye to Amazon and most packaged items from Whole Foods.

Laboratory Assessments

25-50% off routine and specialty Laboratory Assessments.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Perhaps you don’t regularly perform lab assessments because of the price or you haven’t been sure of the value. That changes now!

As a  concierge club member you will have access to deeply discounted doctor pricing on lab assessments from LabCorp as well as almost all functional and specialty medical laboratories. (Up to 50% less than WellnessFX, InsideTracker, Life Extension, Anytime Labs and Let’s Get Checked). In addition, you will have access to specially priced coaching to help you understand your results and create a strategy to remedy any imbalances. .

Say goodbye to worthless chemistry panels! One of your greatest benefits will be access to specially priced serum chemistry panels that include a functional computer analysis to provide you with a 50-page personalized report that uncovers imbalances that even the most skilled physician can overlook and suggest strategies to optimize your health and performance.

Detoxification Program

35%-50% discount on the True Cellular Detox program.

Cellular toxicity is a contributing factor to, if not the source of, most of today’s chronic health conditions. The True Cellular Detox program is a coach-led, comprehensive program that combines lab assessments (for chemicals, metals and biotoxins) along with a systemic cellular detoxification diet and supplement program to eliminate these ubiquitous modern-world toxins that poison your health and performance, greatly increase your risk of serious illnesses (such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease) and speed up the aging process.

WaterCheck by National Testing Labs

WHAT'S IN YOUR WATER? Sources of drinking water are subject to contamination. NTL Water Test Kit contains everything you need to identify irregularities in your home's water. It 114 analytes including 20 metals / minerals, 7 inorganic compounds, 16 disinfectants and their byproducts, 47 volatile organic compounds, 20 pesticides, herbicides and PCBs to take the guesswork out of your water quality and provide the ultimate peace of mind. Here is the full list.

Specialty Products

20% off Ancestral Supplements premium whole food, nutrient dense organs capsules.

For most of human history, we effortlessly consumed the nutrients we needed for strength, health and happiness. We not only consumed meat but prioritized the whole animal including organs (nose-to-tail) to provide critical nutrients to optimally support and sustain a vibrant, disease-free life. In the modern world, we struggle to fulfill these nutritional needs as it is just not practical or desirable to consume a nose-tail based diet. Ancestral Supplements provides the remedy to help you put back what the modern world has left out.

Coming soon Lost Empire Herbs and Botanicals

Do you have health goals you want to achieve? Are you suffering from painful symptoms or ailments? Lost Empire Herbs is a premier provider of high potency herbal extracts from around the world that increase peak mental and physical performance. Founded by three brothers, they have been motivated and inspired by a determination to change the lives of 100,000 people to improve your health, increase your energy and endurance, and optimize your mental and physical performance naturally… the way Mother Nature intended.

Personal Growth

Save hundreds to thousands of dollars yearly with online training at Mindvalley.

Transform Your Life. Learn from the world’s best teachers, on the world’s leading personal growth platform. Mindvalley is the largest online personal growth platform in the world with over 12 million students from 80 countries. You’ll be able to choose from our tailored offerings of personal growth programs that offer transformative content taught by over 100+ brilliant minds. This offer includes their most popular Wildfit training. Members will have yearly access to unlimited courses for only $25 a month.

20% off High Existence 30 Challenges to Enlightenment program

30 Challenges to Enlightenment is a self-improvement tool unlike anything you’ve ever seen. If you’re tired of procrastinating on improving your health, increasing your happiness, and changing your life, this course is for you. High Existence integrated lessons from psychology, neuroscience, Western philosophy, and Eastern spirituality to create a proven exciting obstacle course that will unleash your potential so you can break free of destructive patterns and build new, meaningful habits to become a stronger, more confident, more enlightened version of yourself.

Health Coaching

33% discount off Leanness Lifestyle 180 by David Greenwalt

Leanness Lifestyle University was founded in 1999 by David Greenwalt to help people lose the fat one more time, for the last time. It was one of the first programs to couple nutrition, exercise and emotional education with accountability, motivation, and personal support. Helping more than 5,000 people achieve their health and fitness goals over the past 20 years, the program has been continuously updated and refined to stay on the cutting edge while providing an unmatched user experience.

33% discount off coaching at The Performance Prescription by Jackie Cohen, MS

As a professional health coach and lifelong athlete, Jackie founded the Performance Prescription to serve as a go-to resource for active women who are determined to stay healthy, happy, and fit. Regardless of your sport, your ability level, or your competitive aspirations, her goal is to help you enjoy a greater sense of well-being with a completely customized plan for eating, moving, and living well. If you’ve been searching for a sound, simple solution that will give you the power to reclaim your health, improve your performance, and simply feel like yourself again, you should contact Jackie for a free initial consultation.

20% off health and performance coaching at BSL Nutrition by Ben Brown, MS.

Ben Brown offers an online nutrition & fitness consulting business specializing in designing individualized nutrition, lifestyle, and strength training programs for highly driven men (and a few brave women). Currently, he works with both local and long-distance individuals and businesses and has consulted with fortune 500 companies and professional sports teams. Looking to find the balance between business, family, and trying to squeeze in the much needed exercise and nutrition habits. Reach out to Ben for a free initial consultation call!

33% discount off coaching at Functional Blood Analysis Coaching

As part of your membership, we offer discounted coaching to review your results and provide recommendations based on your FBA results. These sessions are offered at $75 per 30 minute sessions (normally $125)


Free client onboarding with CTS Trainright (value $100) on endurance cycling, triathlon and ultra running coaching.

Become a stronger, fitter athlete with the most respected coaches in America with CTS Endurance Coaching. Close the gap between the athlete you are today and the athlete you want to become. Depending on the coaching level services include custom training programs with varying levels of adjustments, work out and file analysis, coach communication via phone/ email/video/text, nutrition analysis and varying levels of discounts to CTS private camps.

BaseCamp Virtual Cycling Center

Basecamp brings the best elements of world-class cycling training and coaching right into your home: customized training plans that get results, expert guidance from the pros, and a supportive community of like-minded athletes to lead you to your best cycling season ever.

Camps and Tours

$100 off CTS Trainright cycling, ultra running, and triathlon camps

A CTS training camp is your opportunity to focus on your passion. For a weekend or a week, take the opportunity to eat, sleep, and train like a full-time athlete. Most camps are held at or near their CTS Training Centers in Santa Ynez, CA, Colorado Springs, CO and Brevard, NC. All CTS camps combine great rides with one-on-one instruction from professional coaches and every training session is fully supported.

Pleasure and Performance Superfoods

30% off Lifeboost Organic Coffee. Great tasting, single-origin, low acid, mold-free, sustainably grown and fair trade chain. What else could you want?

Lifeboost coffee is 100% chemical-free, non-GMO, shade grown, fairly traded, and single origin. Quite literally it may be the healthiest coffee on the planet. In addition, they support farmers with a fair wage, the environment with sustainable farming practices, and wildlife by donating a portion of all profits to protect the plants and animals who live in our coffee regions. Taste and feel the difference!

Outdoor and Biking Gear

20% discount at Bike Tires Direct

With this regular membership discount, you won’t have to wait for sales to grab the gear you need for your training and active outdoor lifestyle. (Please note discounts are 15% on electronics and 10% on trainers)

Performance Devices

15% discount on the Marc Pro on this go to muscle recovery device.

Marc Pro uses a patented electronic muscle to help muscles repair and remold in as little as 30 minutes. In addition, Marc Pro, has been shown to drastically improve your muscles oxygen capacity, allowing you to last longer and go farther It is super easy to use. Just choose your time and start your active muscle recovery! We wouldn’t be without it.

30% discount on the powerful Brain Gauge tool by CorticalMetrics.

Brain Gauge provides you with a fun way to obtain meaningful metrics that provide you with clear insight into how well you are sleeping, your training status (overtrained or ready to race), as well as to monitor the effects of a nutrition and/or detoxification program. It's powerful data analytics analyzes 8 essential components of brain health: speed, focus, fatigue, accuracy, sequencing, timing perception, plasticity, and connectivity to provide you with a comprehensive mental fitness score that will guide you to make the needed adjustments to your training, lifestyle and diet.

Save $250-$750 off on an Infrared Sauna from Sunlighten

Along with deep sleep, our infrared sauna is my family's most powerful go-to item for health. Not only does it help us recover faster, but it leaves us relaxed and energized especially when we follow it with a brief cold shower! Taking a regular sauna is power medicine as it promotes detoxification, reduces stress, lessens joint pain, promotes fat burning, strengthens the immune system, improves heart health and even slows down the aging process.

I love Sunlighten for it’s unique Solocarbon® heaters, ultra low EMF technology, integrated light therapy, media center and more! Don’t have space? Their Solo System® personal portable sauna is an affordable, highly effective way to get all the benefits without the additional cost or floor space.