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Add-On Item - Saliva Hormone Upgrade DHEA

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Note: This is an Add-on upgrade to the base package which is Testosterone.

If you wish to get this upgrade you also have to purchase the Testosterone assessment. 

Click here for Testosterone Assessment


What We Test and What It Tells You 

This profile assesses your levels of DHEA. 

DHEA: Predominately produced in the adrenal gland, DHEA is a direct precursor in the production of testosterone. Optimal levels of DHEA are therefore critical to insure adequate testosterone production.  DHEA levels decline with age and physical and mental stress. 

For a more complete assessment it, it is highly recommended that you also include the important male hormones estradiolDHEA and cortisol in order to assess your T:E and T:C ratios.  The cost is only $25 each or 3 for $69.

Your Strength and Recovery Ratio: The Testosterone/Cortisol Ratio 

Your ratio of testosterone to cortisol and DHEA (T/C&D) is another critical aging and performance maker.  Whether you consider yourself a physical, mental, or sexual athlete, it will be difficult if not impossible to reach peak performance without a positive testosterone (anabolic) to cortisol (catabolic) ratio. 

Click here for a short two page summary on the importance of testosterone and male hormonal balance.

Or for an even more comprehensive assessment of your male hormonal health, consider one of our comprehensive serum panels to assess other key markers of hormonal health such as total testosterone, SHBG, FSH, LH and prolactin for deeply discounted pricing.