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Saliva Stress Profile Cortisol x 4, DHEA

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What We Test and What It Tells You  

This assessment provides 4 saliva tubes to collect your samples at key times during the day to determine the status of your circadian cortisol rhythm.

is the predominant adrenal hormone necessary for providing resiliency to stress, immunity and blood sugar control. High or low cortisol can pay a big role in effecting both testosterone and thyroid function.  

Cortisol levels have a natural circadian rhythm starting out high in morning to enable your body to prepare for the day and ending very low in the night as growth hormone and melatonin take over to prepare for sleep and recovery. 

DHEA, the main adrenal androgens, are the precursors to both testosterone and estradiol, and are the limiting factor in their production, especially when the patient is under stress.